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Chicken roll-ups are a regular in our house, but we usually use goat cheese. The ricotta & mozzarella mixture was very good. This sauce is so delicious! Luckily, we have lots of left-overs.


Wow, you made it already! So glad you liked it. The sauce is great for pasta, and I bet it would make for a unique pizza sauce as well!  


Yummo. I found that the cheese mixture kind of bled out while cooking, so I think I will add a beaten egg next time to firm it up, maybe some rolled oats as well. Overall quite ballsmashing.


Honestly, you came up with this?! Incredible. You never cease to amaze me. I love the red pepper puree idea. Will you be regaling us with any of these goodies at the end of the month? I know making large amount of this may be hard, but I'm volunteering to get my hands dirty. Woo!


Sean, thats a great hint! If you try that next time and it works let me know! Shannon, I see no reason why we cant just make enough for us and eat it secretly while everyone else at the party is eating chips and salsa. Hopefully none of the people invited read my blog.

Momma C

I played sous chef for Suz last night when she made this. Amazing. I love the pepper sauce. Can't wait to make this for Charlie.

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