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are you going to move on to a new country? I hope so! What will I read!

Momma C

This is very tough. There are so many things I absolutely love! But this week I made brodetto again. Oh, man. That was great. The baci and meringue cookies? Luscious. (Charlie took the last crmbs of the baci to work for his co-workers to try. I was so disappointed later that night when I realized that every crumb was gone!) I hope to come up with a good definitive answer to your question this weekend. So hard!


HMMMM. Made chicken scaloppini bolognese and loved again. I made mine with the gruyere cheese and Charlie's with scamorzza. He loved it. This could be my favorite main course.


My favorite dessert had to be the Brutti ma Buoni cookies. I really felt like I could eat lots and lots and it wouldn't matter since they were just air, right?


Mmmm...good choices, Momma! The scamorzza is so delicious. Of all of the new ingredients that I discovered during my Italy cooking, scamorzza was definitely one of my favorites!  The brutti ma buoni cookies were delicious, too.  I have to disagree with you though. I love hazelnuts way too much to not pick the Baci or the Chocolate Hazelnut Cake as my favorite dessert!  But then there are Cannoli...oh this is too hard!

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