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That pizza looks delicious! I just read something earlier this week about how San Marzano tomatoes are the best for sauce or canned. It said that they can only be called that if they're grown there, kind of like champagne having to come from that specific region I guess. Anyway, looks good.


Yeah, San Marzano tomatoes are supposed to be the best.  Next time I try this Im going to make a bunch and freeze the dough so we can have Margherita Pizza as an easy weeknight dinner whenever we want!

Momma C

I didn't think of this Naples memory until I was reading about the Puglia pizza. Ranny and Pop-pop and I went to Naples in August of 1969 on our way home from Iran. We got to stay an extra few days in Naples because of a strike with the workers on the Italian cruise line. So we decided to eat what Naples is so famous for (Sophia Loren's mother did her part in making this truth) - PIZZA. We went down an alley and climbed the stairs to a local pizza parlor. We asked for the speciality of the house. It was a double crusted pizza with fruit of the sea baked inside - squid, octopus, other fish, etc. I don't know if any of us ate a whole piece. Last time I'll ask for the speciality when I can't read the menu!


Haha nice memory.  Hey, at least you were adventurous, even if it didnt work out for you in that instance.  Seafood is definitely not what I would want in my pizza either! Thanks for sharing that one.

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