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Sounds great. How long do you think the peppers would last in the oil if I made a big batch? Although, I'll probably eat them so fast it won't matter...


If they are well covered in oil I would say they would be fine for a week or two.  Another option would be to freeze them. I havent tried it myself, but Ive read that freezing roasted peppers actually works fairly well.


I usually buy the peppers when they are abundant and the price is right,especially the red ones. I then cut them in half and remove the seeds coat them with oil inside and out with a pastry brush and place them cut side down on a cookie sheet and put them under the broiler till the skin darkens and blisters then remove them and place in a container to let them steam and then remove and peel them. Package small portions in Zip lock bags and remove the air from the bag and then freeze them.Then remove them as desired and thaw pour off any liquid remaining in the bag and then plate and add olive oil to coat. Works out very well in the cold winter months and until you get replenish your supply.


Schllac, thanks for the advice on freezing the peppers! Ill have to give that a try next time I make a big batch.

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