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No pictures of the San Benedetto cats? haha

This recipe sounds great. Mmmm...fresh Maine seafood...


where do u find the time??? this all looks so wonderful!

Momma C

Made this last night and it was fantastic. The sauce had a scrumptious aroma. I made it just like you with tilapia, shrimp and scallops. So what are the 13 fish in the classic dish? Maybe I'll try some of those but didn't want to stray from your recipe this first time. Oh, yum..... thanks, Suz. This was really, really good.

Momma C

First place in the South Park Food Bank Soup Challenge, December 2010! Suzanne is an award winner!


Congratulations, Momma! Im flattered that you chose one of Cucina DiBellas soups for the contest and proud of your victory!

Tom Bauman

I followed this recipe with a few tweaks.
1. Doubled everything.
2. Added thin sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms.
3. Added 3 Tbs. Capers.
4. Added 18 Calamatra Olives, halved.
5. Added 2 Lemons, zested & Sliced Thin.
6. Added 2 cups coarse chopped Red, Green & Yellow Peppers.
7. Layed partially thawed Asparagus in bottom of the bowl.
8. Served with toasted Crusty Bread.

Yummy, daughter and wife had 2 helpings, neither like seafood.


Tom, these sound like wonderful additions! The vegetables must make the soup much more substantial and filling. Im so glad your family enjoyed it; thanks for sharing your tips!


Hi! So glad I found this recipe online. This soup is so good I have made it so many times now. I think I will add mushrooms to it like Tom did. I am about to make it pretty soon, and had to look on here for the recipe again. I printed it out but could not find it. I think the recipe is great the way it is, but I do love mushrooms!


Thanks, Tina! Hope you like the soup! Be sure to stop by and let me know how it turns out with the mushrooms.


This was a great soup! Glad I finally made it. I will definitely make it again. Thank you!


So glad you like it, Kate!

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