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This will be great for when it gets cold. Oh, wait... you're in Maine...it probably already is getting cold. Ha ha.
Love, North Carolina
P.S. It really does sound like a great soup though and I'm definitely going to make it.

Momma C

Last night I didn't get home until 6:30. It was a cold day (not above freezing and a "wicked" wind chill) and perfect for soup. Charlie could have made dinner but I really wanted to try this recipe.
In 45 minutes we had a fabulous dinner on the table. It was perfect for a cold night with hot bread, too. I would definately just add the pasta to each bowl separately.
I always think of soups as being cooked for hours so this has me wondering what other delicious meals I might make on a work night.
Thanks, Suzanne.


So glad you guys liked it! So many traditional Italian meals take hours to prepare, so its great to find gems like this that can be done easily on a weeknight!


When we make it we keep the pasta (ditalini) on the side. We put the pasta in the bowl and then add the sauce, I like it a little juicy. When we cook the pasta we drain it then add a little olive oil to it to keep it from sticking. The remainder goes into the fridge and when you want a bowl of Fagiole you just put the two together and put in the microwave for 2 minutes.


It really does make a difference if you add the pasta into each individual serving that you have rather than mixing it altogether at once!

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