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Wish I was there to eat the extra servings! Great pictures (yay for Ryan). The food you paired with the fonduta looks like a good combination. I might also try spicier peppers (you wimp!), breadsticks, and asparagus. What drink would you pair with it?
Oh, and great rating system. You must have fabulous inspiration. No need to thank me... I just did. Keep the posts coming. Love it!


My favorite thing to use with fondue is brownies... and, of course, the fondue would be white chocolate. Does that count?

I'm expanding my horizons, though, and I would definitely try this. I think Jeanne's combination suggestions are great, and I'm willing to help you figure out the right drink to pair it with. ;)

Can't wait to see what you come up with next! What's the next course?!

Ciao, bella!

Momma C

Nice job, Suz. And great help, Jeanne and Ryan. I want to try it and I think that's what your blog's all about, getting the rest of us to experience the fun. Thanks. I've never tried polenta so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

Lindsay B

Hey Sue! What an awesome idea this is! I'm definitely going to try to check in every day to see what you're whipping up! I just wanted to add a suggestion the next time you fondue, if you'd like a twist from France ;-) It's called a Raclette (ha-clette) lol. It's a "fondue party grille" check out the link below to get a visual. It just makes the whole fondue experience a little easier by providing mini trays and a grille. Thought I'd add a little touch, but this looks great!! Awesome job!!


Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you're enjoying it so far! Hmmm...I hadn't thought about a drink to pair it with. Wine really isn't my specialty, so when in doubt I just go with Spumante...can't go wrong there!

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